Design Plugins

Exploring new ways to use design tools

I build tools to expand the design process and improve the designers' workflow.

Lineage for Figma

With Lineage, you can visualize your component and style dependencies on Figma. It helps you understand how your design system is being used and how every change impacts your project.

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This is a preview of Lineage

A little preview of Lineage's UI


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Prism is a Sketch plugin that makes design handoff a bit easier. It creates an artboard color palette with all your Document Colors and their respective color label in a variety of formats.

It's completely custimizable and you can export your colors to code (HEX, RGB, Swift, SASS variables, etc) afterwards.

This is a preview of Prism

Here's Prism in action!


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Chain was inspired in SASS color functions and it allows you to create dynamic color relations between layers. You can create Chains that link multiple properties, allowing your designs to morph and adapt in different ways.

Chain is mostly an experiment, but I believe design tools could build upon the idea of chaining layer properties to make the design workflow more dynamic.

This is a preview of Chain

Chain works with multiple property links