No more fighting for the aux cable

Queue lets you create collaborative party playlists. Everyone adds their favorite tracks and they are played in a democratic way.

Queue illustrations

My friend Adrián and I decided to build Queue after watching our friends having continuous arguments when picking music on parties. There just wasn't a way for everyone to add the music they liked to the playlist in a way that seemed fair. We built the app with two priorities in mind: it should be collaborative and it should be democratic.

Screenshots of Queue's UI

Here's how it works:

  1. The host creates the Queue and invites other to join by sharing a link or scanning a code.

  2. Everyone ads the songs they want to be played during the party

  3. The host phone plays music in a fair way so everyone can listen to their tracks

Screenshots of Queue's UI

Queue makes parties more fun!

Unfortunately Queue now rests in peace 😥 but we like to think that it nudged Spotify to create collaborative playlists (which did not exist at the time).